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Load cells are available on the market with different Accuracy Classes. Which one suits you better?

The answer leads to another question: What's your application?

When it comes to weigh any material, a specific load cell accuracy class must be chosen.

Sensocar is on constant pursuit of high-end standards, and our entire load cell portfolio ranges from C3 to C6 (C3, C4, C5, C6). All of them have been certified according to OIML R60 and they are commonly used in industrial environments. Here are explained the different applications that each range has:

  • C3 and C4 Accuracy Classes can be found frequently on platform scales or truck scales, are frequent applications.

  • C5 Accuracy Class applications are shop-counter scales and filling machines, among others, when high precision is required.

  • C6 is our highest load cell Accuracy Class, usually seen in high precision checkweighers and truck scales, as well as food packaging and dosing systems.

  • You can take a look at the following chart we have created, for a better understanding and selection of the accuracy class.

    Accuracy Classes of Load Cells Chart Sensocar