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Technical Datasheet SC-10Technical Datasheet SC-10
CE Test Certificate CEM-CY-01/0025-5.2CE Test Certificate CEM-CY-01/0025-5.2


Class III Maximum Certification:
10000 divisions
1µV step
40? load (16 load cells of 700?)
Additional plug & work hardware
Optimized software with all program optionals embedded
Large Backlit LCD display with 3 numeric display fields.
Alphanumerical keyboard with cursors.
Text edition through PC keyboard.
Manual weight adjustment.
Autocalibration without needing new adjustments.
Weighing accumulation and autoaccumulation.
On/Off by key.
Manual tare function.
Piececounter function.
Dynamic and animal weighing dedicated functions.
Discharge function for GROSS-TARE-NET tickets.
Flexible and fully-programmable multirange.
User-definible linearization until 16 points.
Ticket repetition and ticket-per-weighing option.
Data dumping and configuration through PC.
Clock/Calendar as standard.
6 selectable languages: Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, English and German

· SC 10/A: Analogic indicator
· SC 10/D: Digital load cells indicator
· SC 10/BAT12: For external battery 12 V indicator
· SC 10/RELES: 4 to 6 relay output 
· SC 10/REP: Repeater indicator
· SC 10/DD: Double display
· SC 10/4-20 ó SC1/0-10: 4-20 mA / 0-10 V analogic output
· SC 10/RS: RS-232 / 485 optocoupled output
· SC 10/BB: Bibascule

Basic configuration

· Weight-Tare
· Pieces Counter
· Weight accumulations
· Multirange
· Communications RS-232 port
· Compatible protocols
· Languages Spanish, English, French, Italian & Portuguese


- Span, fraction and decimals fully customizables.
- Extended accumulation as standard, millions of accumulations with 48-bit totalizer.
- Accumulated Big Total option.
- Scroll, ticket’s header and foot customizables.
- Communication channels Self-testing as standard
- Negative auto-zero as standard to avoid platform’s zero errors
- Intelligent Indicator/Repeater pairs as standard with more than 50 market protocols with remote tare, zero and accumulation functionalities.
- Proprietary own protocol –S-, For addressable indicator networks (via cable or radio), with RS232 relay actions, net and gross requests, tare, zero and accumulation actions, battery level, serial number, software version, etc.
- Cost-saving and energy optimization, programmable auto-shutdown time.
- Self-described alarms, notices and progress bar system through display for relay processes enhancement.

Optional hardware

- IP-65 protection class against humidity.
- Internal 6V battery.
- External 12V battery.
- Clock, calendar and additional memory.
- 2 Optocoupled inputs and 6 relay outputs
- Current output for automata.
- Voltage output for automata.
- Second optocoupled serial channel for printer.
- Converts 1st or 2nd RS232 optocoupled channel to RS485.
- Converts 1st or 2nd RS232 channel to RF
- Bibascule
- DSD feature (until 4000 weighings)


- Customized spcial software.
- Customizable SENSORED communication system for indicator networks.
- Battery level indication (if any).
- Filling by pulse function (litters counting).

Available printers

· LX-300 from EPSON
· SRP 275 from SAMSUNG
· SP298 from STAR
· TM295 from EPSON


· TLP 284 from ZEBRA

Technical data

Accuracy class III
Maximum number of verification scale intervals 10000
Load cell excitation power supply 8 V DC
Max. signal voltage for dead load 16 mV
Minimum signal voltage for dead load 0 mV
Minimum input voltage per verification scale interval 1µV
Measuring range minimum voltage 8 mV
Measuring range maximum voltage 24 mV
Minimum load cell impedance 40 ?
Maximum load cell impedance 2000 ?
Minimum temperature range -10º C
Maximum temperature range 40º C
Power supply requirements (options SC1/A or SC1/D) 220 V AC
Power supply requirements (option SC1BAT6 or SC1/BAT12) 6 ó 12 V DC
Sense system Available
Load cell cable length
4 wire systems 5 m/mm2
6 wire systems No limit


General Applications
Industrial Applications
Sc10 PC.jpg
Sc10 PC.jpg


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