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Technical Datasheet SC-A1 CRTTechnical Datasheet SC-A1 CRT
CE Test Certificate CEM-CY-01/0025-5.2CE Test Certificate CEM-CY-01/0025-5.2
OIML Certificate R76/2006-ES1-16.01OIML Certificate R76/2006-ES1-16.01

Technical and Metrological Characteristics:

• Approved according to OIML R76 and EN 45501
• Electromagnetic Susceptibility 10V/m
• No. of measurement divisions 10,000e (Class III)
• Min. voltage by verification scale 0.6uV/e
• Max. signal voltage for dead load of 10mV
• Voltage of the measuring range from 5mV to 15mV
• Load Cell power supply at 5V
• Minimum impedance of load cell: 40 Ohms

· 8 load cells of 350 Ohms
· 17 load cells of 700 Ohms

• Temperature range from -10ºC to +40ºC
• 32-bit microprocessor
• 24-bit A/D Converter (1,000,000 Internal div.)
• Weight processing via adaptive filters
• Real time clock
• Isolated RS232 Communications Port


Electrical Power Supply Characteristics:

• Wide range of supply voltages: 80 – 264 VAC
• Very low consumption: 1.2W (typ) – 0.9W (LCD version)
• ON/OFF key



• Internal Battery

· Gives the device autonomy of up to 42 hours (50 hours in the LCD version).
· Automatic loading by connecting the device to the power supply.
· Automatic switching between the external power supply mode and battery mode.
· Gives the device the possibility of supporting power cuts of up to 42 hours.

• IP-65 waterproof according to standards
• DSD memory – Up to 1,000,000 records
• Micro SD card reader

· Allows the device to make back-ups of the data contained in the DSD memory or register regular events of internal variables of the device

• Bi scales



• 32-bit microprocessor
• 24-bit A/D Converter (1,000,000 Internal divisions)
• Weight processing via adaptive filters
• Calibration and Self-Calibrating
• Programmable and flexible multi-range
• Load Cell linearization (up to 16 sections)
• Functions:

· Weight-Tare-Accumulation
· Manual Tare
· Piece Counting
· Dynamic and animal weighing
· Dosage and filling
· Discharge with tickets with Gross-Tare-Net
· Limiter (maximum, minimum, window)
· Semaphore
· Accumulation of weighings
· Communication via serial port with more than 50 selectable protocols
· Real-time clock management
· Possibility of regularly recording different variables of the device
· Communication with PC for data dump and device configuration
· 6 possible languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Italian and German.
· Confi gurable ticket printing
· Label printing
· Permanent updating of standard programmes
· Possibility of providing “Tailor-made software” to suit your needs
· Reloading programmes via serial port or network via ETHERNET or Wi-Fi


Industrial Applications
Truck Scales
CE Certificate SC (R577cd770a234c.pdf
SCA1 DARRERA (Petita524d1d00f2435.jpg


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