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Technical Datasheet SCA10 CRTTechnical Datasheet SCA10 CRT
CE Test Certificate CEM-CY-01/0025-5.2CE Test Certificate CEM-CY-01/0025-5.2
OIML Certificate R76/2006-ES1-16.01OIML Certificate R76/2006-ES1-16.01

Characteristics generals

· Large Backlit LCD display with 3 numeric display fields

· Alphanumerical keyboard with cursors and four functions


Technical and Metrological Characteristics:

• Approved according to OIML R76 and EN 45501
• Electromagnetic Susceptibility 10V/m
• No. of measurement divisions 10,000e (Class III)
• Min. voltage by verifi cation scale 0.6uV/e
• Max. signal voltage for dead load of 10mV
• Voltage of the measuring range from 5mV to 15mV
• Load Cell power supply at 5V
• Minimum impedance of load cell: 40 Ohms

· 8 load cells of 350 Ohms
· 17 load cells of 700 Ohms

• Temperature range from -10ºC to +40ºC
• 32-bit microprocessor
• 24-bit A/D Converter (1,000,000 Internal div.)
• Weight processing via adaptive filters
• Real time clock
• Isolated RS232 Communications Port


Electrical Power Supply Characteristics:

• Wide range of supply voltages: 80 – 264 VAC
• Very low consumption: 1.2W (typ) – 0.9W (LCD version)
• ON/OFF key



• Internal Battery

· Gives the device autonomy of up to 42 hours (50 hours in the LCD version).
· Automatic loading by connecting the device to the power supply.
· Automatic switching between the external power supply mode and battery mode.
· Gives the device the possibility of supporting power cuts of up to 42 hours.

• IP-65 waterproof according to standards
• DSD memory – Up to 500,000 records
• Micro SD card reader

· Allows the device to make back-ups of the data contained in the DSD memory or register regular events of internal variables of the device

• Bi scales



• 32-bit microprocessor
• 24-bit A/D Converter (1,000,000 Internal divisions)
• Weight processing via adaptive filters
• Calibration and Self-Calibrating
• Programmable and flexible multi-range
• Load Cell linearization (up to 16 sections)
• Functions:

· Weight-Tare-Accumulation
· Manual Tare

· Tare memory (up to 256)
· Piece Counting
· Dynamic and animal weighing
· Dosage and filling
· Discharge with tickets with Gross-Tare-Net
· Limiter (maximum, minimum, window)
· Semaphore
· Accumulation of weighings
· Communication via serial port with more than 50 selectable protocols
· Real-time clock management
· Possibility of regularly recording different variables of the device
· Communication with PC for data dump and device configuration
· 6 possible languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Italian and German.
· Confi gurable ticket printing
· Label printing
· Permanent updating of standard programmes
· Possibility of providing “Tailor-made software” to suit your needs
· Reloading programmes via serial port


Different cartridge options


Weight cartridge:

  • Connection to analogue cells
    • Metrological seal
    • Different connectors available
  • Connection to digital cells
    • Metrological seal
    • Customisable Digital Connector


CPU Cartridge (Different Options):

  • 2 Serial Ports: Connection to Printers, Labelling
    machines, PC, PLC, etc…
    Via RS-232 / RS-485 communication
  • 1 Serial Port+USB DEVICE + USB HOST: Conexión a PC vía USB
    Permite la conexión de un teclado de PC
    Conexión RS-232 / RS-485
  • 2 Serial Ports+ USB HOST: Connection via RS-232 / RS-485 communication
    Allows a PC keyboard to be connected
  • 1 Serial Port+ USB DEVICE: Connection via RS-232 / RS-485
    Allows a PC keyboard to be connected
    Permite la conexión de un teclado de PC
  • 1 Serial Port+ USB HOST: Connection to PC via USB
    Connection via RS-232 / RS-485


Input/Output Cartridge (Different Options):

  • 4 Relays + 2 Inputs + 1 Analogue Output: Adds to the device 4 output relays, 2 voltage-free contact inputs and 1
    analogue output of 4-20mA or 0-10V (selectable).
    Allows the devices to dose, limit loads, indicate semaphores, etc. and monitor the weight value via its analogue output.
  • 8 Relays + 4 Inputs: Adds to the device 8 output relays and 4 voltage-free contact inputs.
    Allows the devices to dose, limit loads, indicate semaphores, etc.


Cartridge VIA RADIO

Allows the devices to be interconnected VIA RADIO on the 433 MHz band.
Compatible with SC-x devices.
Point-to-Point connection.


ETHERNET Cartridge

ETHERNET Cartridge: Allows connection to Local Network Ethernet 10/100 Mbps.


General Applications
Industrial Applications
Truck Scales


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