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Technical Datasheet SCA10Technical Datasheet SCA10
CE Test Certificate CEM-CY-01/0025-5.2CE Test Certificate CEM-CY-01/0025-5.2
OIML Certificate R76/2006-ES1-16.01OIML Certificate R76/2006-ES1-16.01

• Approved according to OIML R76 and EN 45501

• 32-bit microprocessor

• 24-bit A/D Converter (1,000,000 Internal div.)
• Weight processing via adaptive filters
• Real time clock
• RS232 Communications Port

• Second RS232 or RS485 Communications Port


Characteristics generals

· Large Backlit LCD display with 3 numeric display fields

· Alphanumerical keyboard with cursors and four functions


Technical Data:

Accuracy class III
Maximum number of verifi cation scale intervals 10000
Minimum input voltage per verifi cation scale interval 0,6 ?V
Max. signal voltage for dead load 10mV
Voltage of the measuring range 5mV - 15mV
Minimum load cell impedance 40 ?
Electromagnetic Susceptibility 10V/m
Wide range of supply voltages 80 – 264 VAC
Power consumption

1,2W (LED)

0,9W (LCD)

Maximum temperature range -10°C a 40°C



• Internal Battery

· Gives the device autonomy of up to 42 hours (50 hours in the LCD version)
· Automatic loading by connecting the device to the power supply
· Automatic switching between the external power supply mode and battery mode

• IP-65 waterproof according to standards
• IP-67 waterproof according to standards in INOX versions



• 32-bit microprocessor

• 24-bit A/D Converter (1,000,000 Internal divisions)
• Weight processing via adaptive filters
• Calibration and Self-Calibrating
• Programmable and fl exible multi-range
• Load Cell linearization (up to 16 sections)
• Functions:

· Weight-Tare-Accumulation
· Manual Tare
· Piece Counting
· Dynamic and animal weighing
· Accumulation of weighings
· Communication via serial port with more than 50 selectable protocols
· Real-time clock management
· Possibility of regularly recording different variables of the device
· Communication with PC for data dump and device configuration
· 6 possible languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Italian and German.
· Confi gurable ticket printing
· Label printing
· Permanent updating of standard programmes
· Possibility of providing “Tailor-made software” to suit your needs
· Reloading programmes via serial port or network via ETHERNET or Wi-Fi

SCA10 ABS (SMALL).pn57680c04c511f.png
SCA10 ABS (SMALL).pn57680c04c511f.png


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