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Sensocar presents the first of a new whole family of indicators, the SC-A1 CRT Indicator:

This is a new family of last generation indicator, based on a modular system which can adapt the equipment to the cutomer's needs.

The system can be extended using 4 removable cartridges. One of them is the weight cartridge that contains metrological data and seals of the equipment.

SC-A1 indicator comes with an intelligent software that detects the modules installed when starting the device.

Different cartridge options:

  • CPU cartridges (1 o 2 serials, USB, etc.)
  • Input/Output cartridges
  • Communication cartridges (via Radio, Ethernet) 

Additional options:

  • Bi scales
  • Internal Battery
  • IP-65 waterproof according to standards

Main technical characteristics:

  • Approved according to OIML R76 and EN 45501
  • Electromagnetic Susceptibility 10V/m
  • Number of measurement divisions 10.000e (Class III) 

SC-A1 Technical Datasheet - Watch Video